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Presentation notes from JMU Unix Users Group meetings

How to build a CS VM

Follow along

History and Early Encounters

History and Early Encounters

The move to virtualization

Early VMs

Approaching today

The modern era

Design considerations

VM Skeleton - too many buttons to get right

Script it!

VBoxManage createvm --name "%VM%" --ostype Ubuntu_64 --register
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --cpus 2 --memory 2048 --vram 64
VBoxManage storagectl "%VM%" --name "SATA Controller" --add sata --bootable on --portcount=4
VBoxManage createhd --filename "%VMDISK%" --size 20480 --variant Standard
VBoxManage storageattach "%VM%" --storagectl "SATA Controller" --port 0 --device 0 --type hdd --medium "%VMDISK%"
VBoxManage storageattach "%VM%" --storagectl "SATA Controller" --port 1 --device 0 --type dvddrive --medium "%VMINSTALLDISK%"
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --audioout on
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --clipboard bidirectional
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --mouse usbtablet
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --usb on --usbehci off --usbxhci off
VBoxManage modifyvm "%VM%" --accelerate3d on

Linux Mint OEM

Move quick, get the GRUB menu

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Linux Mint OEM

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Linux Mint OEM

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The theory of Ansible

Ansible key themes

I·dem·po·tent - /ˌīdemˈpōt(ə)nt,ˈēdemˌpōt(ə)nt/

Building Ansible

Our misuse of Ansible

Quick reminder:

Misusing Ansible

Role overview

- roles:
  - { role: common, tags: always, icon_mode: user }
  - { role: user, tags: always }
  - { role: wireless-printing, tags: always }
  - { role: filezilla, tags: always }
  - { role: basic-prog-pkgs, tags: ["cs101"] }
  - { role: adv-prog-pkgs, tags: ["cs261", "cs361"] }
  - { role: robot-pkgs, tags: ["cs354"] }
  - { role: eclipse, tags: ["cs101", "cs149", "cs159"] }
  - { role: jgrasp, tags: ["cs149"] }
  - { role: finch, tags: ["cs101"] }
  - { role: y86, tags: ["cs261"] }
  - { role: programming-langs, tags: ["cs430"] }
  - { role: vscode, tags: ["cs149"] }

Step-by-step playbooks - roles/jgrasp/tasks/main.yml

- name: Install jGRASP dependencies
    name: lsb-core
    state: latest
- name: Check jGRASP
    path: ''
  register: st

Step-by-step playbooks - roles/jgrasp/tasks/main.yml continued

- block:
    - name: Fetch jGRASP zip
        url: ''
        dest: ''
        checksum: 'sha1:'
        force: yes
    - name: Remove old jGRASP directory
        path: ''
        state: absent
    - name: Unpack jGRASP zip
        dest: ''
        src: ''
  when: st.stat.checksum|default("") != jgrasp.hash

Step-by-step playbooks - roles/jgrasp/tasks/main.yml continued

- name: Install jGRASP desktop icon
    src: jgrasp.desktop.j2
    dest: /usr/local/share/applications/jgrasp.desktop
    mode: 0644
    - Update desktop menu

Playbook variables - roles/jgrasp/vars/main.yml

  url: ''
  hash: '9b636f5b1c7687ad8dc4207ff2ad1723fd00c501'
  zip: '/'
  install_path: '/jgrasp'

Playbooks with lists - roles/basic-prog-pkgs/tasks/main.yml

- name: Install introductory development packages
    name: ''
    state: latest

Making it usable

$ ansible-pull -U -C master -t common local.yml

bg contain

bg contain

The magic


SHIP IT! Lots and lots of flash drives

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On-going projects

Contributing to the project