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Presentation notes from JMU Unix Users Group meetings


Pioneer of the Open Source Model




RHEL has many community-driven distributions:

There are also some commercial distributions of RHEL too:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Enterprise? Red Hat is NOT free?

10+ Years of Support

Fedora Linux

Community-driven & free

More experimental

Red Hat typically starts with Fedora when making new releases & polishes it to their own standards

CentOS Linux

Claimed to be middle ground between RHEL & Fedora

Community-driven, free, & stable

CentOS Stream is the new and upcoming version of CentOS that will be used as a development ground to make releases of Fedora into the new Red Hat releases

Package Manager

The default package managers for Red Hat distros are both RPM (Red hat package manager) and YUM/DNF.

Desktop Environments

Typically with the more common RHEL distros, they come with the following built in with the installer:

Others for Installation on CentOS & Fedora:

Community vs Enterprise Linux

There’s Always More to Learn . . .

RHEL Introduction

Red Hat Culture

25 Things You Should Know About Red Hat

RHEL Releases

Red Hat: What’s the Best Linux Distro for You